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What is Public Relations(PR)?

In an effort to answer this question for potential clients and site visitors of Christian Marketing Done Right, I came across an interesting article dated August 1, 2011 from the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA).

PRSA's Chair and CEO Rosanna M. Fiske commented online in an op-ed for Advertising Age on the rising concerns among public relations professionals over ethical communications improprieties by online reputation management firms.

Fiske noted that while there are many successful and ethical firms in this nascent industry, there exists a "somewhat sinister underbelly to this prosperous business. It lurks where ethical communicators seek to inform; it openly tries to cover up previous online mishaps in an age where little is private anymore."

She also stated, "... maybe that's why a Google search for 'online-reputation management' returns 5.2 million results."

She concludes that for the online reputation management industry to fully prove its worth to clients, it must first clean up its own credibility issues.

Read the full op-ed at Advertising Age here.

Wikipedia defines Public Relations as "enhancing and maintaining the image for businesses, non-profit organizations, events or high-profile people, such as celebrities and politicians or managing communication between an organization and its public."

This is a fair definition from the online encyclopedia - and where things can get a bit sticky - and perhaps "sinister" as Fiske stated, is when full disclosure is not part of the press release.

There is a strict code of ethics all public relations professionals must adhere to, but the reality is that some do not. So, before hiring an online-reputation management firm, ask yourself these questions:
  • Is my businesses reputation worth maintaining?
  • Is there full disclosure regarding our press releases?
  • Do I personally believe in what my organization stands for?
Answers to these and similar questions are where the development of Christian Marketing Done Right came from.

Imagine a marketing firm that didn't market anything inappropriate or non-family friendly - regardless of the retainer. We interview potential clients to determine if we should even work with them - and communicate to our friends and media partners on their behalf.

In an age where virtually nothing is hidden, it's even more important to use your God-given discernment and do what's right - regardless of the potential consequences. In the end, the pay-off is huge as you keep clients worth keeping, maintain credibility with the media and sleep better at night.